Our History and Future

Humble Beginnings

Maybe more Conference North than Third Division.

In 2012, Mark Halsall was mixing eliquids in the tiny loft room of his house. Other people seemed to like them, so he built a website, made product at night and hand-delivered orders to our first few customers (several of whom still work with us today) in between shifts at his job at Bargain Booze.

In 2013, as demand grew, Mark (keeping his job for now, just in case) incorporated Vapable Ltd and took a small starter unit, probably around the size of a third division footballer’s bathroom, on a trading estate in Southport (a beautiful seaside town on the North West coast of England).

Our first sign over our first door.

By 2015 a team of twelve of us were working around the clock from five units on that estate, quickly becoming the biggest and best DIY vaping supplier in Europe. It wasn’t glamorous and we made lots of mistakes. But, thanks to a lot of hard work by a lot of great people, we enjoyed explosive growth and managed to have a lot of fun along the way.

All of those units have now been flattened and replaced by an Aldi supermarket. But, as we were outgrowing the units anyway, we decided to move on before the Germans invaded.


Onwards and upwards

The tidiest corner of our new warehouse, shot in black and white for artistic effect.

In 2016 Vapable moved into new, much bigger premises, which had more space than we would ever need (cue sardonic laughter). Yes, you guessed it – a couple of years later we were knocking through into adjoining warehouses again.

Over the last few years vapable.com has been joined by onepoundvaping.com, flavourexpress.com, wholesaleflavours.com, a host of own-brand products and some fantastic new people.

In 2019 we decided that it was about time that all of our different businesses and brands had a shared infrastructure, culture and identity – and ‘OHM Brands’ was born.

The future

Over the next few years, OHM Brands is going to continue building a portfolio of great companies and brands in diverse sectors.

By great companies we don’t just mean ‘big’. We mean companies that innovate and do interesting things; companies that are profitable and sustainable in the long term; companies that contribute meaningfully to their local and wider community; companies where the most talented and committed people can build rewarding careers, realising their potential and having fun along the way.

Many people will look at OHM Brands from the outside, see the irreverence and lack of corporate bullshit in our culture and write us off. But make no mistake, your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be singing songs of OHM Brands’ glorious victories long after we’ve gone to feast with our forefathers and their shield-maidens in Valhalla.