Meet the team


Managing Director

Mark’s mum used to love dressing him up in really embarrassing costumes for fancy dress parties. This Milky Bar Kid one is actually pretty good though.


Customer Service

If you ring up with a complaint, it will usually be Helen answering the phone. So please remember this picture of her trying to gatecrash a graduation ceremony dressed as Batman and be nice.


Purchasing Manager

Mike is in a band that once sold three albums to someone in Norway who confused them with Meatloaf. Now all the band’s posters say they are big in Norway.


Operations Manager

Peter used to be very skinny, but has now been officially heavier than Mark for around two years. He is usually starting a diet ‘next week’.



In this picture, Meg is preparing to gently remind someone of our company policy on cleaning the kitchen up after yourself when you make a cuppa.



We’re not saying George is a nerd, but he watches people playing computer games for fun and is clearly channeling Hitman Agent 47 with hair in this picture.


Graphic Designer

Our equality and diversity policy stated that we needed a hipster. Stuart is so hipster he wears Christmas jumpers and cardigans all year round. Unironically.